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Hi my name is Pete Lautenschlager (Streamingpete). For the last number of years, I have been a stay at home dad of three great kids running a Bed and Breakfast in Northern Canada. Back in the late 80's (more exciting times), I worked as a technician at Cherokee Recording Studio, a world-class recording studio in Los Angeles California, where artists like David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Cher, and Whitesnake among many others came through the place and did their magic. There I learned what good sound was and the difference between quality products and crap.

I was inspired to create Gear Gadgets and Gizmos after I started looking into reducing my own cable bill and found an overwhelming amount of android TV box options to choose from. So after doing some research and finding sites that had complicated explanations. I thought I would provide an alternative.

I started with Streaming Media Players and I thought a little more variety would make things more interesting and added other unique products. Like what is a good router to get the most out of your streaming media system. Wireless Speakers, Wireless headphones, E-bikes, Guitar Gadgets, Smart devices, Steampunk and more...

How do I do it and why should you listen to me?

  • Gather information, watch videos and read many reviews
  • Make special notes of features, pros and cons
  • Compare other brands
  • Try out products when possible
  • Evaluate this information and present it to you. So you can make the final decision.

I will also include great information articles and honest reviews to help you make an informed purchase decision. I also have some great articles on headphones, wireless speakers, E-bikes and Steampunk if you are in the market and other interesting items to come in the future. I hand pick products that meet my quality standards.

Full disclosure of how this site makes an income.

Affiliate links: many links on this site are affiliate links. They are linked directly to Amazon products that are related to a review or article. When used to make a purchase on Amazon a small commission is paid to this website.

There are no additional fees for the consumer. The price would be the same if you went directly to Amazon and made your purchase. I put a number of links in my helpful articles and reviews so people can reference the cost of an item and to easily purchase the item from Amazon if they desire. 

Display advertising: the banners and display advertising that appear on the sidebar and other places on this site are AdSense banners, Streaming Movie providers, and TVape. If used this site will make a small commission and I mean small. Like 2 cents on some of them.

Free stuff: from time to time some manufactures will send me products samples to review. I am not getting much sent to me at this point as this site is a relatively new site. But when I do get products to test and review you can rest assure that I will remain objective and tell you exactly what I think of the product. I will be giving away some of the items I get after I tested them, so sign up to get in on a chance at the giveaway. 

So if you find this site helpful and would like to support it and see it continue and grow. Come back often, read my articles and reviews. Share with friends. Make a comment or tell me what you would like me to take a look at.

My goal is to present to you objective reviews to help you make a final purchase decision and provide good information to help you learn more about new products on the market and how to get the most out of them.

Cheers Streamingpete

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Interview you for my site

I am looking for people that presently own an E-Bike and would be willing to do an interview with me about their E-Bike.

I would like to interview you on Skype and ask you a number of questions about your E-bike and personal experience. This should take about an hour or less. I would like to have a good time with you and have you share your thoughts on your bike. You can then send a few pictures of your E-bike and I will include them in a post on my blog.

If anyone is interested please contact me and we can set up an interview date.


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