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I'm asked numerous times a day from other bloggers looking for a guest post or wondering if they can write for us. To be completely honest, I care a lot more about providing legitimate advice and impartial reviews than I do about giving content features and backlinks out to anyone.

However, if you feel you have content that can truly provide the readers of Gear Gadgets and Gizmos with valuable information, then I'd be happy if you want to speak to our editorial assistant, James.

James looks after the upload and initial editing of the content going onto this site. If you want to enquire about a guest post, sponsored content or featuring on this site (and you genuinely feel like you can add value to the site), then contact him on [email protected] with the subject line ‘GGG Content Enquiry'. 

Any emails without the subject line will be ignored, as I want to ensure we only feature (if we ever do at all) content from related publishers and fellow bloggers who love gadgets and modern tech as much as I do!

James Taylor

With a 1st degree in computer and management sciences, I've been a committed tech and gadget fan for as long as I can remember! From extensive user guides to pointing you in the right direction when it comes to brand-specific device issues, I love solving tech-related problems. When I'm not writing here, I'm probably walking my dog!

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