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10 tips riding an E-bike in winter
Riding an E-bike can be a real joy especially in nice weather. But unfortunately for many of us, we live[...]
How to properly store your e-bike for winter
The days of summer are over and a brisk fall has flown by. If you are not a hardcore E-bike[...]

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Hi, I'm Pete the guy behind this site. For the summer of 2019, I plan to take an E-bike from Ontario to BC across Canada. I would like to build a solar trailer to help with charging along the way. This next year I will share my process and planning my journey on this Blog and on my Youtube Channel. I will share how I will build the solar collector trailer, getting the right E-bike, reviewing and picking the proper camping and riding gear to take on my journey. Head to my channel and Subscribe and Join me on my journeyUsing any link on this site to make a purchase will greatly help with my journey. Thanks!

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