Ultimate Guide to Steampunk Boots for Women

Ultimate Guide to Steampunk Boots for Women

Steampunk times are typically characterized by the inner workings of clocks, steam engine aesthetics, elegant 3-piece suits, bold browns, tight corsets, and top hats. It’s all centred around classic clocks, steam-powered gadgets, time travel, adventure, and advanced machinery.

The adventurous steampunk style is increasingly growing popular, and the movement has perhaps been fueled by movies such as Sherlock Holmes, the City of Children and The Golden Compass. Now that this upcoming trend has hit the mainstream, as a modern woman with an appreciation for classic footwear, you will want to be ahead of this trend with stylish steampunk boots for women.

If you’re attempting to dress like a Steampunk woman, you will notice that the look just won’t be complete without the right pair of steampunk boots for women to go along. Generally, your shoes can make or break your outfit. Victorian era shoes were mostly all lace-up or button-up boots. Thankfully, the Victorian boots are fully back in fashion, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find your perfect match.

In fact, there are a few brands that specifically make “Steampunk” style boots complete with buckles and gears. You can easily find tall, knee-high boots, short ankle boots and anything in between.

Steampunk boots for women are essential for any lady trying to pull off or hint a Victorian style. Materials are generally leather or faux leather with details such as buttons, laces, spats, buckles, gears and fold-over cuffs. The boots can be ankle height, calf height, knee height, or over-the-knee. Most Victorian boots often have a pointed toe, and some, like the ‘granny boots’ may have very curved heels.

Once put a steampunk look on, the legs should generally not be bare, except for the upper thighs. You will find them often paired with tall, horizontally striped socks or tights. The elegant side lacing complements a ladies softer nature, and the sharp heel is perhaps to match her intelligence and wit

Ankle Steampunk Women’s Boots

Just like the usual ankle boots, these ankle boots stop at your ankles. They might stop just below, at the top or in the middle of the ankle. This classic boot can also have a low, medium or high heel. They probably will look great with a long Victorian dress or paired with a skinny pair of jeans.

Over-The-Knee Steampunk Boots For Women

Any Victorian boots that stop above the knee fall into this category. They’re probably the most popular steampunk boots for women you will find out there. If you’re blessed with long, lean legs, these boots will make a perfect combination with Steampunk Women Gothic pants, possibly with side laces.

Knee-High steampunk Boots For women

These classic boots fall just below the knees and can be worn in a more or less similar way as the Over-the-Knee steampunk Boots described above. They’re both great and fashionable options for those cold winters and rainy spring seasons.

Calf steampunk Boots For women

Calf steampunk women’s boots sit higher up the legs than ankle boots, and they offer coverage almost similar to knee-high boots. This means you can rock them in winter too, especially if you get ones with a low heel. 

Riding Women’s steampunk boots

These are authentic classic style steampunk boots that were designed specifically for the purpose of riding horses. They generally sit just below the knee and are also ideal for wearing during colder months. They would look great when paired with leggings, tights, skinny jeans or a mini-skirt.

There’re many other steampunk boot and shoe styles for women like the pumps, stilettos, booties, platform shoes, oxfords, Mary Janes, and many more. This gives you plenty of options when planning on how to blend them into your regular modern look. In essence, for every modern-day regular pair of boots that you love, there is a steampunk counterpart for it –just that it will be showing off a bit more ornamentation including buckles, studs, lace, buttons, fur trim, and other eye-catching details.

Steampunk Boots for Women: What Is Out Their?

While steampunk women’s boots and the steampunk movement, in general, is quickly gaining mainstream recognition, finding Victorian ladies’ boots at a reasonable price can be quite a task. There are lots of components to a fashion aesthetic, but for steampunk, footwear can make it or break it.

With the perfect choice, you can effortless solidify your look –whether you’re merely dropping in some fashion hints from the Victorian era or going all in from head to toe. We hassled around and put together a list of the top 7 best steampunk boots that we believe will definitely interest you. Have a look;

1. Brown Handcrafted Victorian Leather Ankle Booties

Brown Handcrafted Victorian Leather Ankle Booties

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Women generally love booties because they can go with pretty much anything. These are carefully handmade from quality Italian leather and suede, and most importantly, they’re comfortable.

They pair well with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress, adding just enough elegance without overpowering your outfit. They are brown in colour and only about six inches from sole to top, a great way to complement your steampunk look without going overboard.

2. Victorian boots Black Leather Ankle Boots

Victorian boots Black Leather Ankle Boots

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There’re lots of listings in the category of Victorian steampunk boots for women, but this one quickly caught our attention due to its material and size. They have plenty of room, so if you particularly have wide calves, you will feel at home with them.

With this seller, you can request for a custom made pair, or even send them your own material and have a pair of boots made from them. This particular pair is made using black Italian leather and suede leather inside –the quality ensures unpatrolled comfort and durability.

3. Wild Diva Timberly-65 Lace Up Knee Boots

Wild Diva Timberly-65 Lace Up Knee Boots

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This pair of boots is quite a versatile option –it can pair with pretty much anything and goes well with either a full steampunk outfit or as an everyday steampunk addition. They come with handmade soles, sit just below the knees and are considerably affordable. Perhaps what stands out the most is the series of highly repetitive lace loops on the front, and the buckle detailing on the ankle and calf.

The stud on the lace loops and the buckle could either be brass or silver, and you have a variety of colour options to choose from. This can be a priceless gift for a lady friend who doesn’t necessarily like high hills but would definitely appreciate some knee-high lace-up steampunk boots. It’s comfortable for long-distance walks and pairs well with a wide range of looks and outfits.

4. Forever Women’s Chunky Heel Lace Up Over the Knee-high Boots

Forever Women's Chunky Heel Lace up Over-The-Knee High Riding Boots

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Just like the previous boots, these too are quite versatile –capable of working alongside other head-to-toe steampunk elements as well as blending into a modern outfit for a vintage-inspired touch. If you’re looking for knee-high boots as a gift, I think this would make quite a choice. The seller has about 11 different colour options and materials to choose from. And they’re comfortable for an all-day-wear too.

5. Ellie Shoes Women's 420 Quinley Boot

Ellie Shoes Women's 420 Quinley Boot

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Nothing spells ‘steampunk’ better than this elegant pair from Ellie shoes. In addition to their Victorian-style front lacing, they have metal gear detailing on the ankle and on the double straps that sit just under the knee.

They’re available in brown with black accents, and olive green with brown accents and either option blends well into any steampunk-themed outlook. They also happen to have very high heels, which means they probably won’t be the most comfortable for walking in all day long.

6. Victorian boots Light Brown knee-high boots

Victorian boots Light Brown knee-high boots

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This lace-up knee-high boots will make an elegant addition to your vintage collection of footwear. If you have wide feet or ankles, the designer has already accounted for that, and if you want, they can custom design your pair to your specs. This particular pair is made from light brown Italian leather and suede with a style inspired by the 1900 boot style. The heel is medium, and 5 cm, standing at the height of 30 cm from the top to the sole.

7. ExpressSteamWorks Landon men’s Costume Boots

Landon Men's Costume Boots

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If your taste leans towards over-the-knee boots or you’re looking for something for the colder months, these Landon Women’s Costume Boots would be an ideal choice. A quick look at this pair hints that they’re comfortable considering that the block-shaped sole offers plenty of room while the nearly flat sole design means better stability.

They feature an ankle zip, brass studs and an option to fold down at the cuff for a style variation. They blend seamlessly into your regular wear and feel right at home alongside any steampunk-themed attire.

The Bottom Line

That’s pretty much how you rock steampunk boots for women. If you’re not yet fully initiated into the steampunk culture, any of the above-suggested options can lend you just enough vintage touch without going overboard.

If you’re a solid steampunk member, use the steampunk boots to enhance your other Victorian items and declare your loyalty. And while at it, experiment and have fun with different styles, after all, steampunk is all about adventure and curiosity.


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