How To Seamlessly Add Steampunk To Your Favorite Fashion Style


Now that you’re here, we’re going to assume that you’ve developed some interest in steampunk fashion, steampunk style or general steampunk aesthetics. There are indeed lots of clothes, accessories, costumes, and gadgets that you can wear or carry along to incorporate a bit of the Victorian era into your lifestyle.

If you’re new to Steampunk and wondering what Steampunk style is, we made a detailed post on everything you need to know about Steampunk. But essentially, Steampunk is where the Victorian era meets the future, and steam is the fuel for all technology.

It is a mix of science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. This newest culture is making headlines and quickly working its way into the mainstream focus.

Steampunk style is an adventurous and fun style that is much more accessible than many other genres out there –this is probably the most attractive thing about this style.

As you get to know it, you will notice that steampunk style is a very distinctive and increasingly popular fashion style. Thousands of enthusiasts are incorporating aspects of this style into their after-work or regular activities.

While there are numerous aspects of Steampunk, from steampunk gadgets and steampunk décor to steampunk art, probably the most popular and interesting part is the visuals. Steampunk visuals mean things like accessories and clothing that can be carefully added into one’s favorite style.

How to add Steampunk to your style

Steampunk clothing is inspired by the Victorian era, and it’s generally not worn on a daily basis. Serious enthusiasts tend to wear it for special events and meets. However, you can incorporate aspects of steampunk style into your daily clothing.

A significant part of the steampunk look is based on accessories. You will also find a neat selection of themed clothes like petticoats and corsets for women, and vests and frock coats for men.

Most of the steampunk accessories typically include hats, goggles and glasses, lace, buckles, and belts, along with gadgets like pocket watches, parasols, and antique brooches. Bronzes and browns tend to dominate in most of the traditional gear, but a variety of colors are considered acceptable these days –which is a great thing for fashion-sensitive users.

Below, we take a look at some of the most popular steampunk items that make up the steampunk look. A few of the items listed are best reserved for full-on steampunk days, but many of them can be cleverly added to add a slight hint of steampunk style to your mainstream outfit. Have a look;

Steampunk Footwear

Steampunk Footwear

Steampunk Footwear Etsy

If you want to look like a steampunk woman, you will love the vintage boots from this increasingly popular style. The Victorian boots typically come with intricate lacing in the front, and some hybrid models perfectly combine modern edge design with the Victorian style. The combination makes it even easier to work this style into your leisure or office outfit.

The best part about steampunk boots is you don’t have to worry much when the conditions are slippery because they’re not sky-high. This style offers both knee boots and ankle boots, and if you’re into flats, you will get a fair share of options as well. As the style gains popularity, we see shorter, chunky heels that also work pretty fine if they get the right outfit.

When out shopping for steampunk shoes or boots, in particular, look out for brown leather –generally, anything from warm neutrals to deep dark hues should be good to give you a hint of the Victorian look.

Steampunk Corsets

Steampunk Corsets

Etsy Steampunk Corsets

Many decades ago, when Steampunk was first a trend, women struggled to squeeze into garments, some of which were made from whalebones. However, modern steampunk corsets are quite stylish and much more wearable.

They are a great option for women looking to create a breast and waist uplift. If you don’t feel like going, full-on Steampunk, a simple leather and lace corset can make for a great compromise for a steampunk woman.

Steampunk Pocket watches

Steampunk Pocket Watch

Etsy Steampunk Pocket watches

If you’re looking to add a steampunk vibe to your accessories, a pocket watch is an excellent option. Steampunk pocket watches are both complicated and elegant. You can typically see the moving mechanism and gears, and they’re made of solid metal.

They are present in different types of designs and varying deep and neutral colors, which makes it easy to accessorize with this style. Pocket watches were typically worn with a vest and a tuxedo, so you can give that a try if you’re into it.

Steampunk wristwatches

Steampunk wristwatches

Etsy Steampunk wristwatches

Steampunk wristwatches give a similar vibe as the pocket watches, but their design is a little more subtle. While they don’t reveal too much, they offer just enough hint that you have part of Steampunk on your wrist. Most people love silver or brass models with leather straps. You will also appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into the design.

Nixie tube clocks

Nixie tube clocks

Etsy Nixie tube clocks

In the spirit of keeping time while still staying loyal to the vintage style, we thought we should include the nixie tube watch too. The nixie tube clock is an impressive piece of vintage technology that uses the nixie tube display technology and smart circuitry to tell the date and time, and look amazing.

Today’s nixie clocks even have smart circuit boards that allow them to light neon at the base of the tubes, measure humidity and temperature, and also connect to the internet.

While they’re not necessarily a fashion item, they look really great on the work table for those who want to give off that “simply-sophisticated” impression. For more details on what are nixie tube clocks and how they work, check out our more details in this post here.

Steampunk sunglasses

Steampunk sunglasses

Etsy Steampunk sunglasses

Steampunk sunglasses are the easiest way to archive a steampunk look. The best part is they’re quite versatile, and you can add them either to your casual or formal outfit. These are great if you want to look cool while allowing everyone else to see them.

For an authentic steampunk touch, try and find sunglasses that have crisp looking metallic arms and mirrored lenses. There’re a variety of stylish round lenses with varying arm-lens combination to impress all kinds of fashion peacocks.

You can also find square sunglasses with different lens colors, including yellow, silver, red, pink, orange, and black. Other models feature a stylish side piece perfect for those riding in open-top cars or on bikes.

With eight color combinations, ranging from basic black and silver to gold and green or rose and sunset, these are a definite winner. You can wear pretty much any design of the steampunk sunglass, and they will look great with any attire.

Steampunk necklaces

Steampunk necklaces

Etsy Steampunk necklaces

If you want to get the fashionable steampunk vibe on a low profile, necklaces are a nice option. The advantage here is you can choose any design and size depending on whether you just want to drop a hint of the steampunk style or let everyone around the office know about your newfound passion. Small ones can be hidden at times when you don’t want to show them, while the bigger ones make quite a statement.

Steampunk rings

Steampunk rings

Etsy Steampunk rings

Rings are another low profile way to add Steampunk to your style without making a major commitment. Most newbie steampunk enthusiasts start with the rings and necklaces. Steampunk rings are also considered an elegant work of art. A single ring typically has enough steampunk elements to give you the vibe you’re looking for. But if you want more, you can pair two or more of these rings with different features.

Steampunk bracelets

Steampunk bracelets

Etsy Steampunk bracelets

If you want to look like a steampunk man but are not a fan of wristwatches, steampunk bracelets are an effective alternative. Bracelets are lighter, smaller and more subtle compared to wristwatches, but still visible enough to let everyone know that you’re a steampunk enthusiast.

Unlike simple modern bracelets, the steampunk bracelets typically come with lots of details, but you can still pair them with pretty much any outfit, thanks to their characteristically silent colors.

Steampunk earrings

Steampunk earrings

Etsy Steampunk earrings

Wear both the steampunk necklace, earrings, and rings, and you will be considered a full-time, real fan. However, if you’re just looking for a subtle vibe offered by the likes of rings, necklaces and bracelets individually, you can’t go wrong with the steampunk earrings.

You will be glad to note that steampunk earrings are available in thousands of designs today, and you won’t miss out on a pair that will accentuate your do-to-day look. 

Steampunk bow tie

Steampunk bow tie

Etsy Steampunk bow tie

I know you were not expecting this, but yes, they're cool steampunk bow ties out there that you can add to your wardrobe. This is a great piece for those formal days when you just can’t seem to think of anything else to help you hint a steampunk vibe.

Popular designs come in black, or neutrals, and feature little gears and other steampunk elements, but still, remain fashionable enough to wear to any formal event.

The Bottom Line

If you didn’t know much of anything about steampunk style or how to add it to your fashion, you must be quite eager to try it now. The style is simple, elegant, and still sophisticated enough to blend in with any outfit.

If you’re not yet ready to go full-on Steampunk, you can start by the above simple suggested accessories. Some of the accessories are more subtle than others, so your choice will depend on how far or how discreet you want to go.

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