How to Make Bluetooth Headphones Louder: Find Out Here

how to make bluetooth headphones louder

It’s so easy to lose track of time once you've put on your headphones! There's tons of mesmerizing audio content available, including podcasts, music, stories, and more! 

We could spiral into a debate of wired vs. Bluetooth headphones, but we all know how unattractive and cumbersome wires around our head, neck, and waist are! That being said, Bluetooth headphones do have a sound problem that could be a deal-breaker.

But, there are various ways to improve the quality and sound of your Bluetooth headphones, and today, we're going to discuss just that. Here, you'll discover some handy tips on how to make Bluetooth headphones louder!

Reasons Why Your Bluetooth Headphones Are Quiet 

A typical issue with Bluetooth headphones is that they don't have adequate volume. Obviously, if you're here reading this, it means you've already maxed out the volume settings on your headphones, but you're still not receiving enough punch, which usually boils down to the following issues:

Connectivity Problems

Any block, such as a physical barrier – a wall or a metal desk – between you and your media player can cause connectivity troubles with wireless headphones. 

Bluetooth headphones are electrical devices that can occasionally disconnect or freeze from your media player or mobile device, interrupting the music’s overall quality and sound.

Device Settings

Incorrect audio settings are one of the most likely causes why your headphones sound underwhelming. Try pairing your headphones with a different audio device and, if that works, you'll need to make some changes to your original audio device settings.

Ear Wax Issues

Wax in the ear canal can restrict sound transmission to the eardrum, lowering sound loudness and clarity. This can occur in one or both ears, resulting in a change in sound quality or volume loudness. Remember, wearing earbuds for an extended period will cause earwax to build up.

Issues with the Audio File 

Although this is rare, the audio file can also be blamed for your Bluetooth headphones' silence. This happens when the audio is transcoded or recorded at a low volume, meaning that regardless of how loud the volume is on your headphones or smartphone, the sound you hear will remain relatively low.

Problems with the Headset Itself

Your headphones could have a hardware flaw that's causing the softness in sound. Old headphones are more prone to such issues, but several brand new headsets can come faulty as well. In case of the latter, take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty policy to get a replacement or free repair.

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Low Battery

The volume of your Bluetooth headphones might be affected if it's running low on battery. In fact, most headphones will automatically disconnect or give you a warning if the battery is low. It'd be wise to fully charge your headphones before rocking out to some music!

how to make bluetooth headphones louder

Tips for Making Headphones Louder 

Here are 8 tips on how to make Bluetooth headphones louder!

#1 Clean the Headphones

Headphones that sit on your ear have a higher chance of stashing extra debris. The headphones will become quieter as more dust and wax accumulate in and around them. 

The solution is to clean the headphones after each use! Also, follow the correct cleaning method, preferably one suggested by the headphone’s manual. 

Here’s how you should clean your headphones:

  1. Take Out the Ear Pads and Clean Them: Begin by removing the ear pads, but be careful not to rip them since it’ll render them worthless. Wipe off the headphone’s exterior with a tiny, slightly damp towel and soapy water. Next, dry the headphones with a paper towel and air dry them.
  2. Remove the Ear Pads: Remove the earpads from your headphones and use a cloth damped by alcohol or a tech wipe to clean them. Make sure to wipe all the crevices of the ear pads and dry them with a paper towel.
  • NOTE: Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or hand sanitizer can be used for cleaning. Do not soak the cloth in water since it may damage your headphones. Always wipe the earphones with a moist cloth, especially the mesh area.
  1. Put Your Headphones Back Together: Reassemble your ear pads after your headphones have completely dried. This should get them up and running smoothly. If not, we still have seven alternatives left, so keep reading!

#2 Disable Your Phone's Volume Controls 

Smartphones come with volume control features to safeguard your hearing. If you're using a Galaxy or any other android device, go to the Sounds and Vibrations menu, click on Sound, and change the Media Volume Limiter. If you find any built-in limits, you can switch them off.

Similarly, iPhones have something called “Volume Limit” that can be used as a workaround. Go to the settings and choose the volume output as per your preference. 

CAUTION: Shutting off the functions that prevent the volume from getting too loud can be risky for your eardrums, so continue at your own risk. 

#3 Connect Your Headphones to a Portable DAC

Connecting a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones to a smartphone might not be enough for true audiophiles. Another option for increasing headphone volume is to purchase an external portable DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter). 

Although they can be quite pricey, they'll enhance the audio quality and output volume of your headphones. Some of them can even link wirelessly to your headphones.

#4 Use Apps to Increase Volume

If you've tried removing the volume limit, but your headphones are still quiet, you might want to look into volume-boosting applications. Whether it’s an iPhone, Android device, or Windows, all of them can run volume-boosting apps to give the much-needed kick to your device's sound output.

These apps will add a second layer of volume control between your device and Bluetooth headphones, making it simple to increase their sound. However, these apps are use-at-your-own-risk items.

#5 Upgrade Your Headphones

The simplest solution is to get a new pair of headphones. Your headphones, like any electronic device, will eventually wear out.

Consider features that reduce background noise if you're upgrading. Upgrade to noise-canceling, closed-cup, or over-ear Bluetooth headphones that prevent noise and allow the music to really shine through. 

At the same time, be cautious and make sure to familiarize yourself with how noise-canceling headphones work.

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#6 Adjust the EQ Settings

You might also want to check the EQ settings on your phone. The manufacturer may have “optimized” these settings, but they may not fit your unique listening preferences. 

Androids also feature EQ settings that you can tweak until you get the sound boost you want for your Bluetooth headphones. iPhones feature “late-night” modes that can help enhance the volume for louder surroundings. Play around with the settings until you find something that works for you!

#7 Use a Better Music App 

The finest places to listen to crisp and loud music are streaming services like Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Low volume levels aren’t your headphones’ fault if the audio source isn't loud enough in the first place.

Check your streaming app for advanced music settings and change them accordingly for the best audio experience. On Spotify, for example, you can adjust the Equalizer settings to get bass spikes or a surround sound experience, both of which can increase the loudness of your Bluetooth headphones.

Do you prefer to listen to downloaded music? If so, make sure the audio file is from a credible source and has a high bit rate so that the audio quality isn’t compromised.

#8 Use the Developer Tools

This strategy will serve you well when using a Bluetooth headset. Following these instructions will make your headphones sound louder when connected to an Android phone:

  • Step 1: Go to your device's system settings and select “About Phone” from the drop-down menu
  • Step 2: Go to Settings > System > About Phone > Build Number to enable Developer Options
  • Step 3: Touch the “Build Number” a few times until you see a notification that the “Developer Options” are activated
  • Step 4: Go back to your smartphone's Settings app and look for Developer options by scrolling down the list that appears

Turn off “Disable Absolute Volume” with the toggle. This will allow you to distinguish between the loudness of your headphones and the volume of your system. You can now enhance both volumes for the preferred media separately.


Most of us buy Bluetooth headphones to enhance our listening experience and get the ‘booming’ sound our phone speakers just can't provide. We hope the points mentioned above have helped you answer the question: how to make Bluetooth headphones louder. 

Remember, listening to music at loud volumes for extended periods can impair your hearing. We recommend taking pauses in between listening sessions. For more such tips and advice, feel free to scroll through

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