15 Reasons To Buy an E-Bike

If you are like me, you have heard more buzz every day about how great E-bikes are. If you are a regular cyclist or get on a bike once in a while, the feeling of cycling is undeniable. With the wind in your face giving you an invigorating feeling, it can put you in a mental state of a childhood happy feeling. Here are 15 Reasons To Buy an E-Bike to help you see the advantages of purchasing an E-bike.

In the last few years, E-bike technology has been vastly improving. Manufactures are making lighter bikes with fresh new designs and best of all the overall cost of the average E-bike is coming down. You can purchase some E-bikes for under $1000, but the sweet spot seems to be under $2000 for a decent quality bike. More bikes are expected in this price range in the coming years as demand increases. See my E-Bikes for under $2000 post to help you understand more about E-bike pricing, what to look for and what would be the be best E-bike for you.

15 Reasons To Buy an E-Bike

1. E-bikes are Fun

I dare you to try an E-bike and not smile. The battery power provides you with a nimble start and extra acceleration when riding. This can make for a fun ride. The extra boost of power really can help when maneuvering through traffic and give you a fair start at traffic lights. Cruising at speeds up to 20 miles per hour is plenty fast in the city and an E-bike can transform a mundane daily commute into one of the best parts of your day. 

Transform a mundane daily commute into one of the best parts of your day

E-bikes are Fun

2. Less regulations and more freedom

E-bikes that do-not exceeding local regulations do-not require registration, license plates or insurance to operate. However, in some cities, In some areas you are required to be 16 years and older to drive or ride an E-bike. You are also required to wear a Dot approved helmet.

E-bikes do-not require registration, license plates or insurance to operate 

Bike Class

Pedal operation

Maximum motor assisted speed

Minimum Age

Drivers License

License plate



Standard Bike






17 and under

Class 1 E-bike


20 mph




17 and under

Class 2 E-bike


20 mph




17 and under

Class 3 E-bike


28 mph





Class 4  moped 







3. E-bikes will get you out cycling more often

There seems to be a mixed opinion of E-bikes in the cycling community. Some longtime cycles frown at the idea of using an E-bike. Saying it is not providing you with as much exercise and is, in short, cheating. The fact is owning an E-bike will most likely get you out more often and bike for longer distances.

According to a recent report by the Transport Research Laboratory, Many regular bikes owners may go out on average 25 times a year, with 46% going out once or twice a week. Not to mention a certain percentage of people leave there bike sit for years without use.

In comparison, 30% of people with electric bikes use them once a day, and 81% ride them at least once a week. That's a big difference. E-bike users are twice as likely as regular riders to get out there ride; the fun factor can be very motivating. Also, E-bikes generally cost more money than a regular bike and owners want to get the most out of their investment.

The fact is owning an E-bike will most likely get you out more often and bike for longer distances

4. E-Bikes are safer in traffic

E-bikes have the advantage of extra acceleration as opposed to a conventional bike. Because E-bikes generally go faster than traditional bikes you can more easily keep up with the flow of traffic. Depending on the traffic situation you will most likely be the fast one riding on your E-bike.

E-bike owners also tend to obey traffic signals more. They stop at intersections and traffic lights more often and slow for corners. The extra acceleration from the motor gives you a boost at startup assisting with getting the momentum of the bike going making it easier to keep up with the flow of traffic and effortlessly start from a dead stop.

Conventional bike riders, in general, do not slow down for corners to avoid losing speed. E-bike owners slow for corners because they don't worry about losing momentum and can accelerate after the turn.

5. Get exercise and loss weight

Studies have shown that moderate daily exercise can make a significant difference to your overall mood and energy level. Adding a daily cycling commute can add many additional exercise hours over time that you would otherwise not get sitting on a train or riding in a car. Adding cycling alone to your daily routine and making a few adjustments to your diet can help reduce excess pounds. Depending on your condition losing 10 to 15 lbs over a year is very common. Those daily trips add up. A pound of body fat may contain anywhere from 3,436 to 3,752 calories. See the chart below and see how the calorie burning adds up over a year.

A recent study by Transport Research Laboratory found that regular bikes are used 25 times a year, with 46% being used only once or twice a week. Not to mention people that only go out a few times a year if that. In comparison, 30% of E-bike owners will use their E-bikes daily, and 81% of E-bike owners will ride at least once a week. The fun factor is a real motivator, and the fact that you can work harder or not depend on how you feel makes an E-bike ideal.

81% of E-bike owners will ride at least once a week.

Method Of Transport

Distance Of Commute.

Time Spent Commuting

Each way x 2

Extra Calories Burnt

Total  Extra Calories Over One Year 250 commutes 

Driving a Car

10 miles

30 min to 2 hrs

* Plus parking time *

Zero extra calories

  • Zero calories burnt 
  • * Winner for most stress *

Public Transport

10 miles

20 min to 1 hr or more depending on route

Minimal calories from standing and walking 

  • Minimal Calories 
  • * Fun Factor Zero *


10 miles

Over 4 hrs at walking 4.5 mph pace

About 500 calories per hr

  • You would burn over 2000 calories per day. 
  • 660,000 calories per year.
  • * But not very feasible.*

Conventional Bike

10 miles

20 to 30 minutes

About 800 calories per hr

  • You would Burn 600 to 800 calories a day.
  • * 200,000 calories per year.*
  • On average will not use bike to commute as often as E-bike.

Electric Bike

10 miles

20 to 30 minutes

E-bike riders burn 20% less calories then non E-bikes or about 640 Calories per hr

  • You would Burn 450 to 650 calories a day
  • * 162,500 calories per year *
  • E-bike owners will cycle more often on average then conventional bikes

6. Sleep better relieve stress and boast energy

The stress reducing factor when using an E-bike will in-turn improve your sleep. Studies confirm moderate daily exercise can generally improve your sleep. The increased oxygen intake and the endorphins that are released can significantly reduce stress and have you in a good mood by the time you get home from work after a rough day.

Another significant side effect of daily exercise is it will help with depression. An E-bike may be just the thing you need to help you remember what it was like to be a kid and change your outlook to a more optimistic and positive feeling.

7. Get some natural sunlight exposer and spend time outside

Most people spend the majority of their time indoors under UV lights. Studies have indicated that daily sun exposer can make a big difference in a person's overall moods and a little tan always looks good. Unfortunately we a spending more time indoors stuck at the office working or binge-watching Netflix and surfing the net indoors.

If it is possible in your area riding your E-bike in the winter months can really improve how you feel for the rest of your day and help avoid the winter blues. There are many fat tire E-bikes available that will work well in winter conditions.

15 Reasons To Buy an E-Bike

Happy people on electric bikes

8. Sense of community 

Riding an E-bike can make you feel more connected to your community. Many people commute to work daily with a car. They sit inside a box listening to music or talking on the phone disconnected from their surroundings. When using an E-bike, you will feel less stressed and invigorated. You will not be frustrated sitting in traffic not going anywhere. When you stop at street lights, people have more of a tendency to say hello. Riding a bike is surprisingly much more social than a car, and you will meet more people and learn more about your neighbourhood.

9. Get to your destination faster

Since and E-bike has a motor you will generally be going faster than your average bike. Some E-bikes can go as fast as 30 mph and more for specially built bikes. It is ok to take them off-roading, but for city streets regulations require the speed to be no more than 28 mph and lower in many areas. But this is not a real issue in traffic as you can go nimble past cars that are often standing still. If you are feeling energetic, you can peddle more, and on days when you are not as energetic, you can rely more on the E-bikes assistance. 

15 Reasons To Buy an E-Bike

  • Canada maximum 500-watt power and go faster than 20 mph / 32 km/h
  • US maximum 750-watt power and go faster than 20 mph / 32 km/h

10. Ideal for commuting to work eliminates heavy sweating

In cities many people particularly students and young people are using bikes as a main form of transportation. Many people that commute to work would also like to use a bike but getting dressed up in professional attire and riding a bike is not always practical. Showing up at the office with a sweaty blouse or shirt is not great add to that you may stink for the rest of the day. 

An E-bike can greatly assist you when riding. You have the option to rely on more power or peddle more. This is great for the the morning commute to work when you are all dressed up and don't want to sweat. You can us more power and greatly reduce sweating. On the commute home you could change into a t-shirt and peddle more, sweat more and get in some good exercise. A invigorating ride home on an E-bike can be a good destresser. The opposite of sitting in traffic with a car or sitting on over crowded public transportation. In fact an E-bike ride home may become your favorite part of the day.    

Great for the the morning commute to work when you are all dressed up and don't want to sweat

11. No parking problems

Sometimes getting to a destination is quicker by car, but often time is wasted trying to find a parking spot. This is never a problem with an E-bike. Depending on where you work there may be a safe indoor location to park your E-bike for the day. Carrying your bike up a flight or two of stairs is possible if you have a little strength. E-bikes are heavier than conventional bikes and can weight upwards of 50 lbs.

The good news is an E-bike can fit on many elevators, and no carrying is required. If you have to park outdoors, many places now have bike racks and are often located closer to the building than handicap parking. I can see as E-bikes become more popular bike racks will become a charging station as well as a safe place to park your bike.

Not only is parking a bike very convenient and easy the best part is it free! No monthly parking fees or parking tickets if you forgot to feed the meter.

The parking savings alone could pay the monthly payments on a nice new E-bike.

12. Helps on hills and against headwinds

Riding up hills and against a headwind can make cycling a challenge.This is ok if you are fairly fit and want to work up a sweat but for some this extra effort can make it that they are unable to ride. That one big hill on the way to work can be a major problem. An E-bike can make going up hills and cycling against a headwind much easier giving you that extra boost when you need it. Keep in mind the more the motor works the more power being consumed so peddling is still necessary to get maximum range from your E-bike. 

15 Reasons to buy an E-bike

13. Allows older people and people with health issues ride again

Some people would love to ride a bike, but for some older people and people with breathing issues, it may be a bit too much. A peddle assist E-bike can give that extra boost at startup and rely more on the motor as the rider gets tired. For people with asthma or COPD, an E-bike could be just the thing to get you riding again.

People that have knee or hip injuries can get assistance on hills that otherwise would not be possible due to excess pain caused by straining to peddle uphill. 

14. Saves time and money

Spend less time sitting in traffic or circling the block trying to find a parking spot. Have the freedom to get to work on time regardless of the traffic. You could be that guy riding along faster than the cars that are creeping along in traffic. Eliminate the expenses of a car can be a significant saving. Monthly payments, insurance, registration and licensing all add up to a considerable amount of money. Let's not forget expensive maintenance and the ever-rising cost of fuel. 

E-Bike battery cost about 10 cents a full charge vs the cost of a gallon of gas for about the same milage. To full charge a battery it cost less then 10 cents and you get on average 30 miles per charge. If you have a fuel efficient car you will get about the same milage on a gallon of gas.

An E-bike can be just the thing needed to make a one car family work. By eliminating one car and the expenses that are associated with it can easily pay for a top quality E-bike or two.

15. Good for the environment and reduce your dependency on gas

Tree-hugger or not, by using an E-bike you are doing your part to help reduce emissions. Tesla has been leading the way in pushing for the electric power movement. BMW and Mercedes have said they will no longer be producing gas-powered cars after the year 2022 and more electric bikes are being produced every day. In Japan, the increased use of E-bikes has drastically reduced bad air quality. Increased use of solar power will further reduce environmental impact and reduce the overall running cost of an E-bike.

E-bikes has drastically reduced bad air quality in urban areas

So if you are thinking about getting an E-bike, there are a lot of good reasons. The fun and exhilaration of riding a bike never get old, and an E-bike could be just the thing to get you out riding again.

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