E-Bikes for under $2000

​The last few years have been great for E-bikes and for the E-Bike consumer. With more E-bike manufacturers entering the market and increased customer demand electric bikes keep getting cheaper with more customizable options and features available. Batteries are getting more powerful, charge faster, weigh less and have increased trip range. Overall E-Bikes are getting lighter and more reliable with better designs. This means the price will continue to come down. 

There really is no better time to get into the E-bike market than now. You can get a much better E-bike today than only a few short years ago for much less money.  A few years back you could easily spend 2 to 6 thousand dollars on an E-bike. There were not many good E-Bikes available for around $1000 to $2000 dollars and the selection was limited. The good news is that a number of manufacturers are aiming for this price range to make E-Bikes more accessible to the average consumer and further reduce pricing.

If you are brand new to E-bikes I will first explain a few points to know to help you better understand some of the E-bikes options.  I noted if a feature is available on a particular bike. I originally wanted to do E-bikes for under $1000 but after researching found that not many E-Bikes under $1000 are very good quality and are not recommended by most knowledgeable E-bike enthusiasts.  

If you have an E-Bike worth mentioning please comment below and I will further research it and add it to the list. First general information on E-Bikes followed by my list of some of the best E-Bikes available for under $2000.

A few key points to understand and how an E-Bike works

An E-Bike is not unlike a normal bike that you are already familiar with. They both have peddles and handle bars. On the handle bar, brakes are in the same place as on a regular bike but on an E-bike it has an additional few items, the main one being a throttle. With a squeeze or twist of your wrist on the throttle the bike will propel you forward.  This magic happens from the Electric Hub Motor that is mounted in one of three places, back, mid, or front. More about that below.

There are few ways an E-Bike can be powered. Peddle assist and throttle on demand.

Peddle assist

Peddle assisted E-Bikes are a great option for people that want to get a little exercise but don't want to work up a huge sweat on their commute. Peddle assist also lets you go off roading and can give you a little boost on difficult areas or when you get a little to tired. Ideal for people with injuries like bad knees or hips or COPD. This can greatly help get people riding again that were not able to ride a bike due to physical limitations.

This type of E-Bike allows you to peddle on your own without the assistance of the electric power motor. A twist of the throttle give you a little boost when you need it to get up hills or go through rougher terrain. 

Peddle assist works with a torque sensor in the hub that senses your peddling and adds energy when needed to get you going. If the battery dies out on your ride you can still get home and peddle like you would a normal bike. 

Throttle on demand

Throttle on demand is just like a scooter or motor bike; pull the throttle and off you go with no peddling required. Some E-Bikes with throttle on demand do not have peddles and will not operate when the battery is dead. This means if your battery dies you do not have the option to peddle like you would with a peddle assist bike. 

Hub motor locations

The hub motor is located in one of three different locations, front, center or rear mounted. The motor in different location affects the weight distribution of the bike. The ride and feel of the motor will be different in each location. There are pros and cons for each location and many personal preferences from E-bike users. It is not something you can easily change so here are a few brief points to consider before choosing an E-Bike. I will discuss the pros and cons of each location and which location suites your riding needs. I note on the following E-bikes listed were the hub is located.

One of three different locations, front, center or rear mounted hub motor.

Front E-bike Hub

Front E-Bike Hub Motor

center e-bike Hub

Center E-Bike Hub Motor

Rear E-Bike Hub

Back E-Bike Hub Motor

Back Hub Motor

The hub motor is located on the back tire and is more common in lesser expensive bikes. Many say it is the best place for the motor. With the extra weight of the motor at the back better traction is obtained and the tires have more grip. Since the power is coming from behind you the feel is more natural like you are being pushed forward. The back wheel also has more ground contact than the front wheel and gives you more pep going up hills and in rough terrain. A back hub motor is the best for traction. You also can easily shift gears. 

The downside of a rear wheel hub motor is the weight distribution is not as good as a mid-drive bike. Some motors can weigh up to 15 lbs. This prevents you from putting too much weight on the back bike rack. Also depending on the weight distribution and the size of the battery it can make it hard to keep your front wheel on the ground and difficult to steer. 

The rear tire will be more difficult to remove and fix than a conventional tire and may require you to go to a shop to fix a rear tire flat. Fixing on the go may also be difficult. Using tire tubes or thicker tires and maintaining correct tire pressure will help prevent flats. Regular maintenance can help reduce breakdowns see my Electric Bike maintenance Guide to help you keep your bike in optimal condition. 

A back hub motor will not wear your drive train down as quickly as a mid drive hub motor. But battery consumption on a back hub motor will generally consume more power than a mid-drive hub motor and therefore usually have bigger batteries than a mid-drive motor.

Mid Drive Hub Motor

The mid drive hub motor is located in the center of the bike in the area were your peddle mechanism is.  It varies from system to system. Many have all the sensors located in the motor. It measures your speed, torque, and cadence . This information will work with the peddle assist and give you a boost as you need it. A mid drive hub motor seems to give you the most balance bike of the three locations.

The center located motor hub gives the bike a low center of gravity and good balance. You can shift like a normal bike and use peddle assist to add more power when you need it. Making it great for climbing hills.

Without the motor at the rear, there is less weight and this allows you to carry more weight in the back and put less stress on your back wheel. ​Mid-drive hub E-bikes are generally more efficient than a rear hub motor and therefore have smaller batteries. This means the overall weight of a mid-drive hub E-bike can be less than a rear drive motor.

A mid drive hub motor is moving a lot less mass than the rear tire motor. It is only moving a sprocket and not a whole wheel. This allows it to be more efficient and allow you to use a smaller battery. 

With its low center of gravity a mid-drive hub motor is better at climbing hills than a rear hub motor and definitely better than a front hub motor.  A mid drive hub is ideal for mountain biking. From a performance aspect if you intend to peddle as much as you use the electric assist, a rear wheel and mid drive hubs seem to work best.    

Although the mid drive hub motor is great on hills it doesn't maintain speed on flat surfaces as well as a rear hub motor and require you to do a little more work. A mid drive hub will wear your drive train a little faster because of the extra torque on your chain and sprockets and you will have to replace them more often as opposed to a rear hub motor. Some more expensive E-bikes have shift sensing this backs the motor off while changing gears and reduces the stress on the chain and sprockets.

Front Hub Motor

The front hub motor is located on the front wheel. This naturally will make the front heavier. The battery is often located on the frame of the bike and acts as a counterbalance. The feel of a front hub motor is more like you are getting pulled as opposed to being pushed like a rear hub motor. Having the hub motor mounted on the front keeps the back of the bike the pretty much the same as a normal bike except now there is a battery on board. Front hub motors are common on scooters and trikes and E-bike cruisers.

If you are a DIYer a front hub motor is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to convert a conventional bike into an E-bike. Kits can be purchased for $100 to $200 dollars. See Amazon's E-bike conversion kit. You will need some tools and intermediate skills level as converting a conventional bike can get a little complicated. It can be a great learning experience.

Front wheel E-Bike conversion kit

The biggest disadvantage of a front hub bike is that they are not as powerful going up hills as rear or mid hub motors. Handling is very responsive on flat terrain but going up a hill on a wet surface could cause slipping, if you don't peddle. This makes it a poor choice if you plan to do a lot of mountain biking and going on trails. Changing your front tire is now a little more complicated. A front wheel hub is not as efficient as a mid-drive hub. This means less battery range or a bigger heavier battery.

Pros and Cons of Front Hub, Center Hub and Rear Hub.

What is the difference between $1000 bike and a $4000 bike?

At a $1000 budget, you will get an entry level bike with low-end components. The frame is likely made of aluminum or steel and is much heavier than a carbon fibers bike. The big difference between a $1000 E-bike and $4000 E-bike is as the price gets more expensive the bike is also likely to get lighter and the general components get better and stronger.

The frame will be made from stronger lighter materials like carbon fibers or special aluminum. A carbon frame bike will ride more smoothly than an aluminum frame bike. Being lighter a carbon frame will absorb road bumps better than a aluminum or a steel frame E-bike.

Similar looking bikes can be priced differently simply by having more expensive components and better quality derailleurs for smoother gear shifting. Better batteries with longer trip range and faster charge times. The back motor hub may look the same but it can have more power and better gear shifting. 

  • At the $1000 range, you’re basically getting an entry level bike. It’s going to have low-end components, it’s probably going to be aluminum, and it will definitely be heavy.
  • At the $2000 range, you’re going to get a decent bike with decent components. More importantly, it’s probably something that you will keep for a while.
  • At the $3000 range, you’re starting to get into cosmetics. If it’s not carbon, the welds will be nice, the components will be on the high-end, and it’ll be light.
  • At the $4000 range the design is getting really special with more carbon fibers. You are now in the premium price range and should be getting a bike with special electronics to monitor your ride and automatically adjust for smoother shifting and range.  

A less expensive E bike that fits you properly" See Bike Fit Guide "will be better than a an more expensive bike with the wrong dimensions. Money is not the only factor in choosing the right bike. Go out and test ride some bikes in the price range you’re willing to pay. If there are no E-Bike stores in your area see if there is any local E-Bike clubs and ask to have a look at their E-bikes. Ask a lot of questions. They may not let you ride their bike but I will guarantee you they will be more than willing to share their E-Bike knowledge.

The great thing is the price is coming down on E-Bikes every year and more people are seeing the advantages of riding an E-Bike. Increased concerns for the environment and demands from consumers for more eco-friendly products to help reduce their environmental footprint are ever increasing. You can get much more E-bike for $1000 to $2000 than just a few short years ago.

If you have an unlimited budget here is a bike that is pushing the limits of E-Bikes. 

It costs a whopping $25,000.

Trefecta DRT. The world’s most expensive electric bike

Trefecta DT is the world’s most expensive electric bike

The Trefecta DRT is the worlds most expensive E-bike. Coming in at $25,000. This military-grade E-bike pulls out all the stops. Powered by a 4-kW motor the Trefecta DRT can produce as much as 184 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheel and carry up to 353 lbs of weight. Getting a top speed of 43.5 mph with a range of over 60 miles without peddling.

This bike was designed for the military in mind and was designed to be a very strong but relatively light dirt-bike/bike. The nonconventional frame is built from 7075 aluminum and was designed to be sturdy and stable. They have included carbon fiber in many areas including the tire rims to keep the overall weight down. The electrical components are all protected inside a carbon fiber housing sealed from the elements to create an indestructible E-Bike.

With this durable bike comes a lot more extras than your average E-Bike. The Trefecta DRT has a fly-by-wire computer system onboard with automatic gear shifting, electronic gear selection and suspension and shock absorption settings. The computer's display screen mounted on the center of the handlebar allows you to monitor battery life gauge, speed, and other trip recording functions.

The Trefecta DRT also has a few extras that I believe will soon be more common on less expensive E-Bikes, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that can be connected to the specialist Trefecta iOS app and other smartphone GPS and fitness programs.

At $25,000 I can't see the average individual buying one of these E-Bikes even if it does have a 31,000-mile warranty. The good news is the more they push E-Bike technology the better it will be for the average consumer in the long run. This type of technology although very expensive at the moment will become more affordable and more available to the average consumer.

Now that you have seen a $25,000 E-Bike, lets have a look at:

E-bikes for under $2000

X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle

X-Tream Electric Bicycles and Scooters has been around producing e-bikes & scooters at a reasonable priced for 16 years. They provide great service and warranty.  

The X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser is just that: a cruiser. You sit upright and comfortable on this bike and can ride anywhere. This bike has peddle assist and throttle controls. Peddle more and use the throttle to go faster than 20 MPH. 

Basic Specs and Features

  • Has peddle assist and throttle on demand.
  • Rear hub motor
  • Bike weight 45 lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 220 lbs
  • Under $1000

Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus Alloy Frame eBike 

The ​Cyclamatic CX3 is another bike under $1000 that seems to be getting a lot of good reviews and feed back You can choose from manual, full throttle or pedal assistance options. Pedal assistance is the most energy-efficient option since the bike is not 100% relying on the motor for power and you still get a little exercise. There are nine pedal assist modes and it can also be used as a standard bike. 

Basic Specs and Features

  • Has peddle assist
  • Rear hub motor
  • Bike weight 60 lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 220
  • Under $1000

E3 Vibe Plus Step Thru Over 

With over 10 years of experience in the Electric Bike industry, iZip is one of the oldest E-Bike companies in North America. They have a few bikes starting for under $2000. The E3 Vibe Plus Step Thru Smooth quiet and easy to peddle. Mid-drive hub motor with four levels of power assist available. Very comfortable to ride. An ideal street cruiser for a daily neighbourhood, urban, commuting.

Basic Specs and Features

  • Has peddle assist and throttle on demand
  • Mid hub motor
  • Bike weight 54 lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 220
  • Under $2000

E3 Vibe Plus in Gray

Save $400 $1,599.00 $1,899.00


Sprite IE Step Thru

The Sprite IE Step Thru is priced a little over $2000, but I put it on this less-than-$2000 list because it is an excellent bike and if you keep an eye out for sales you will be able to get it for under $2000. The Sprite IE Step Thru is easy to get on and off.  It comes with a comfortable saddle and wide tires for a comfortable stable ride. Available in three sizes. Great cruiser to get around town.     

Basic Specs and Features

  • Has peddle assist
  • Mid hub motor
  • Bike weight 54 lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 220
  • Around $2000 

Magnum Metro Electric Bike

Started in 2010 Magnum Electric bikes has been a leader in innovation and design. The Magnum Metro Electric Bike is easy to get on and built with quality components for a reasonable price compared to other bikes in this class. They are trying to create efficient quality electric bikes at an affordable price. The Magnum Metro Electric Bike is easy to get on and of built with quality components and a reasonable price compared to other bikes in this class. It has six levels of pedal assist plus throttle mode that can override with full power. A very safe bike but a little heavier than many other bikes.

Basic Specs and Features

  • Has peddle assist and throttle on Demand 
  • Rear hub motor
  • Bike weight 58.4 lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 240
  • Under $2000

Surface 604 Rock

Surface Rock 604 is a Canadian company that is based out of Vancouver, Canada in the 604 area code. They came out in 2013 with the first production E-Bike for under $2000. Their goal has always been to build the best bike possible but to keep it affordable for the everyday rider. This bike is a nice size a little smaller than a cruiser but a very comfortable safe ride. Bigger tires and an adjustable handlebar make it easy to adjust for different riders.

Basic Specs and Features

  • Has peddle assist and throttle on Demand 
  • Rear hub motor
  • Bike weight 57.5 lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 240
  • Under $2000

Enzo E-Bike Folding Electric Bicycle

Enzo is a little smaller E-bike on my list. It is foldable and is lighter than many other E-bikes. This bike has been out since 2013 and has a reputation for being one of the better quality E-Bikes out there. Designed to be foldable the Enzo is built with stainless steel parts and waterproof fittings making this an ideal bike for taking on a boat or easily store in the trunk of your car for a ride anywhere. This company only makes one bike in a number of colors and options. Quality and customer service is great.

Basic Specs and Features

  • Has peddle assist and throttle on Demand 
  • Rear hub motor
  • Bike weight 49.5 lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 220
  • Under $2000

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S

Juiced Bikes is another Canadian company that has been around a few years working on producing reasonably priced E-Bikes. The CrossCurrent S is a high-speed feature rich E-Bike. Comes in four frame sizes and a few color options. Not as comfortable a ride as the cruiser style E-bikes. Juiced bike is constantly improving their bikes and adding features that previously were only available on much more expensive E-bikes. They are experiencing a little growing pains with some customer issues. But they are staying on top of things and give excellent customer support. 

Basic Specs and Features

  • Has peddle assist and throttle on Demand 
  • Rear hub motor
  • Bike weight 57.4 lbs
  • Max. User Weight: 240
  • Under $2000

Voltbike Yukon 750 Limited Edition

Voltbike Yukon 750 limited edition

See my full review on the Voltbike Yukon 750 Limited Edition. Priced under $2000


There you have a number of good E-bike for under $2000. Many of the bikes listed do go on sale so keep an eye out. Take advantage of the free assembly that many manufacturers offer. If you go to a dealer let them do it for you. If you buy an E-bike online some manufacturers  will assemble up to 80% before shipping to you. Depending on where you live there may be an E-bike dealer nearby where you can go for service but often times a regular bike shop is your only option and they can help depending on their enthusiasm and knowledge for electric bikes.

Even under $2000, an E-Bikes can sound expensive but an E-bike can be a great deal, if you consider the price of fuel, the savings in parking fees and the overall fun of riding a bike vs being stuck in a car in traffic. A good E-bike that lasts a few years with proper maintenance will cost less than a few dollars a day. A motorbike requires insurance but an E-Bike requires no insurance. These savings alone would pay for the bike over three years and we haven't even mentioned the gas. To fully charge an E-Bike battery costs 10 to 20 cents and you get from 20 to 50 miles of riding.

To improve city air quality and to aid their overcrowded transit system many cities are adding more bike lanes and bike paths to their infrastructure to make it easier to commute by bike. With E-Bike quality going up and prices going down an E-bike will make more sense than ever. I think the list for good E-Bikes for under $2000 is going to get longer.

Interview you for my site

I am looking for people that presently own an E-Bike and would be willing to do an interview with me about their E-Bike.

I would like to interview you on Skype and ask you a number of questions about your E-bike and personal experience. This should take about an hour or less. I would like to have a good time with you and have you share your thoughts on your bike. You can then send a few pictures of your E-bike and I will include them in a post on my blog.

If anyone is interested please contact me and we can set up an interview date.



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