Renault EZ-GO Car Autonomous Electric Taxi

Renault EZ-GO Car Autonomous Electric Taxi

Many people are aware that Google and Tesla have introduced self-driving cars that are presently out on the road and are for the most part operations pretty well despite a few accidents along the way. Many people are leery of the idea of self-driving cars operating on the road. It may sound scary but I do firmly believe after the initial bugs are worked out self-driving cars will be safer than human-operated cars.

At the Geneva Motor Show Renault revealed their latest concept car. Renault EZ-GO Car Autonomous Electric Taxi a self-driving electric car. Renault hopes to have this Robo-taxis on roads by 2022 but it may take a few more years to fully implement their full plan.


Renault plans to be an alternative mode of transportation that will cost more than public transportation but less expensive than traditional Taxis or Ubers. Renault is one of the first automobile companies that are changing their business model into a service provider. The Renault EZ-GO car will not be sold to the general public and will be operated as a service in Urban cities around the world.

App And Stations

Renault is developing an App to easily order a ride on a smartphone. You can order a ride to come to your location or meet in a specific area. They also plan to have a number of permanent stations set up throughout a city. This could evolve into solar-powered charging stations that further will decrease the eco-footprint of city commuters.

Easy Access Loading

The car itself is a futuristic work of art that will turn heads for many years. The glass cocoon structure maximizes your view and gives you the feeling of outdoors. Renault designed the seating in a U shape so passengers face each other and socialize more as compared to the traditional facing forward style that is the norm.

Renault's EZ-GO car has Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities. It can manage distance from other vehicles, signal, change lanes and turn at intersections with a top speed of 30 MPH.

The EZ-GO has an active suspension that raises or lowers the car to accommodate passengers when loading. This suspension provides a smooth ride on rough roads. The EZ-GO also has four-wheel steering for better city maneuverability.


The Renault EZ-Go sits up to six people. Passengers enter the vehicle from the front hatch that also lowers a convenient ramp with safety lights making it very accessible for wheelchairs, seniors, and people with strollers.

Many cities are finding it hard to maintain their Handi-Transit bus services due to high overhead costs. Renaults EZ-GO Taxi concept would be a real addition to cities with an aging population and offer a good solution for people in wheelchairs.


Comfortable Safe Feeling

Renault did a number of surveys and what they found is people feel safer in an open environment. The all-glass enclosure gives you this feeling, allowing the passenger to be seen by people on the street and reduce the opportunity for bad behavior.

Additional features will include a girls-only service riding pool. This service will only pick up other female passengers to join them. This will make women feel safer when riding late at night.

The golden area of owning your own car is in the past. Many young city dwellers have no desire to purchase an automobile because the cost of owning your own car in a city is impractical and expensive. The time schedule restraints of public transportation have always been a turn off for many people.

Autonomous vehicles can help reduce cars on the streets to help reduce overcrowded public transport and offer transportation freedom. The Renault EZ-GO Car Autonomous Taxi is a concept worth pursuing with ever-increasing traffic and crowded transportation systems that will cost billions to upgrade to alleviate some of the problems.

Powered by electricity the Renault EZ-GO can reduce emissions in major cities and provide an alternative form of transportation for city dwellers. Renault is among a few companies that are trying to figure out shared transportation solutions for the future. The Renault EZ-GO Autonomous Electric Taxi is a step in the right direction.

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