Ring Chime vs Chime Pro: What You Need to Know to Make the Best Choice For Your Home

Ring Chime vs Chime Pro

If you have a smart home and you’re looking to keep yourself and your property safe, two devices you’re likely to have on your radar are the Ring Chime and the Ring Chime Pro. 

There is no doubt that both tools would be very useful to your home.

Still, if you’re going to opt for either device, you might as well just go for the best one, right? Since they’re both great products, this decision might not be as easy as you’d like.

Throughout this article, we’ll be providing you with vital information on each device's performance and specifications. We’ll also be exploring other areas you might find useful like Internet requirements and additional features.

All About the Ring and Chime Pro

Both products will give you more than your money’s worth, as they can help you easily extend the range of your Ring devices.

Before we move forward, please keep in mind that to use Ring Chime or the Chime Pro 1st generation or 2nd generation devices, you must have either a Ring Camera or Ring Video Doorbells installed first.

The combination of these devices gives you much-needed peace of mind when you’re home.

To better understand each device, let’s take a closer look at them!

The Ring Chime – Everything Thing You Need to Know

Even though this is the older version of the two products, there are a lot of things that make the Ring Chime a truly attractive choice.

It comes with the 802.11 a/b/g/n on the 2.4 GHz band only.

What the Ring Chime Offers

This device has a chime snooze feature to give you multiple options for tones or alert tones. It comes fitted with motion detection to complement its doorbell alert functions. It is also more affordable than the 1st generation Chime Pro.

All you have to do is install it and plug it into an electric outlet and you’re set. What’s more, you can move it around easily.

You also have the option of plugging in more than one chime to this particular Ring device. You can simply change the alert tones so it’s easier to know which location it’s sounding from.

However, you may need a Wi-Fi extender like the TP-Link AC1750 Extender for your Ring Chime to work effectively. Range extenders are essential to maintain Wi-Fi connectivity. Without Wi-Fi extension, its use is limited.


This is more so the case if you have dead spots or areas with poor Wi-Fi connection or don’t receive Wi-Fi signals as well outside your home.

Why the Ring Chime is Great

  • It’s one of the few smart doorbells with very sharp motion sensors
  • The chime noise is always loud and clear
  • It receives alerts almost instantaneously
  • It has a simple design and portable product dimensions
  • It can be installed effortlessly
  • It doesn’t require more than a standard power outlet

 Why the Ring Chime is Not So Great

  • This doorbell chime unit has a relatively short battery life
  • It doesn’t come with range extenders – you have to purchase a Wi-Fi extender if you have poor WiFi coverage
  • It comes with subscription costs
  • The audio alert notification device may be slightly delayed

The Ring Chime Pro – Everything Thing You Need to Know

These smart doorbells are often considered the more advanced version of the Ring Chime!

It comes with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band WiFi connection. This means you can use it on both a 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth!

The 2nd generation Ring Chime Pro is usually the obvious choice for tech-savvy homeowners and people who want the best and latest where home security is concerned.

Moving forward, you’ll see why!

Some of the additional features that you get with this device include a highly compact design complete with a stylish built-in automatic night light. This way, you have a good source of light at night.

Also, it comes fitted with WiFi extenders and readily opens to other Ring devices!

This is not just a great doorbell but a WiFi extender as well. It’s one of the best 2-in-1 device additions you can bring to your home.

What the Ring Chime Pro Offers

Perhaps due to all the amazing services it offers, this 2nd generation chime is a little more expensive than the previous generation. However, it more than makes up for the numerous perks.

First, because of its embedded WiFi extenders, you don’t have to buy tools like the TP-Link AC1750 Extender to boost the Wi-Fi signals in your space. This saves you from extra costs, especially if you weren’t initially aware that WiFi connectivity is poor in certain areas of your home.

Its connection to mobile devices (iOS or Android) is great. Its alert amplification feature allows you to easily customize it to be notified about all connected devices.

The volume level is also loud and might even be unsettling if you get a doorbell alert suddenly.

You may spend a bit of time scrolling and setting various basic functions with this device as well, and the chime pro setup & installation process can be time-consuming.

Why the Ring Chime Pro is Great

  • There is no need to buy range extenders for your Wi-Fi extension
  • It offers you various customization motion zones
  • It has a comprehensive user guide that makes the setup process easier, helping you locate the ideal spot for installation
  • It can be used to better complement actual security devices
  • It features a built-in nightlight that provides a cozy glow in the dark
  • Its complete, white finish, sleek design makes it perfect for any background in your home
  • It boasts a lot of all-new Ring Chime tones

Why the Ring Chime Pro is Not So Great

  • The Chime Pro setup & installation can be lengthy
  • The chine and alert tones both have the same sound
  • The volume level may need to be constantly modified as it gives off very audible alerts
  • It needs to be positioned closer to the WiFi router

Now that we have a better idea of what these smart doorbells bring to the table, let’s begin the Ring Chime vs Chime Pro face-off in earnest!

To better highlight the difference between this 1st generation and 2nd generation chime box, let’s take a quick look at what both devices have in common first!

All Ring Chime and Chime Pro Similarities

Because both devices share the same maker, these two smart doorbells have a lot of things in common. Here are some of the features you’ll be readily availing of, no matter which chimes box you choose.

  • The settings of both devices can be accessed and adjusted through the Ring App
  • Both devices feature multiple, customizable chime alert tones you can choose from and don’t support downloading a different tone
  • Both require Ring Video Doorbells to work
  • The Ring Chime and the Ring Chime Pro both support motion detection and notify you as soon as someone presses the doorbell
  • They both include the Chie Snooze feature which you can easily leverage if you want to stay safe without disrupting the quietness
  • They afford you adequate upload speeds and download speeds

Before you start looking for the best affiliate links to buy either of these smart doorbells, you should first know how they differ from each other.

Ring Chime vs Ring Chime Pro

Although it’s important to note what these two important tools have in common, it is even more crucial to evaluate their differences. Considering that the Ring Chime Pro has 1st generation and 2nd generation products, the services they provide you will vary considerably.

In addition, while they’re not actual security devices themselves, you can use them to improve your peace of mind and be more security-conscious.

Let’s delve into a Ring Chime vs Chime Pro comparison concerning certain parameters. 


The product dimensions for the Ring Chime and the Ring Chime pro are 3.06 in. x 2.44 in x 0.98 in and 4.06 in x 2.72 in x 1.00 respectively.

Both have a nice white finish that ensures that they don’t contrast poorly, regardless of the location they are positioned. The design upgrade of the latter makes it feel smooth and soft to the touch.

Strength of Reception of WiFi Signals

This is one of the few features where the two products differ highly.

Poor WiFi signals or dead spots might require you to get a TP-Link AC1750 or other third-party WiFi extender tools to boost your WiFi range when you use a Ring Chime.

With a Ring Chime Pro, however, you’ll never have a reason to do this.

You won’t need a Chime Wi-Fi extender with the Chime pro because it comes with one embedded in it already. You won’t need a mesh network of range extenders to boost the WiFi signals of your primary router.

Once you follow the feedback user guide for your Chime Pro setup & installation, this amazing 2-in-1 solution will ensure you don’t experience Wi-Fi Network connection problems anymore.

Data Transfer Speed

Another major difference between these two devices is the upload and download speeds they offer. The Chime Pro is considerably more efficient here.

Because it supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band WiFi connection capabilities, you have zero problems syncing with a range of routers.

The Ring Chime supports only a 2.4 GHz bandwidth. As such, you can’t get as much out of it.

You might be wondering, how does this particular difference affect device performance?

The dual-band WiFi connection feature you’re afforded with the 2nd generation Chime Pro means that you get alerts on your phone faster. You also have the option to connect your doorbell’s camera video feed to your Ring Chime Pro directly.

Nightlight Capabilities

This is one feature exclusive to the 2nd generation Chime Pro smart doorbell.

It comes with a circular light that you can access when you tap on “Light is Flashing Green” on the app. The array of blue light and green light it emits gives your space a cozy glow and nice touch at night. You can also set this cool night light to go off and on and set times with the automatic on-and-off function.

Installation and Setup

The setup process for the Ring Chime is straightforward and doesn’t take time.

However, due to the numerous functions and capabilities of the Chime Pro, the installation may take longer. While the exact setup process and connection to devices is also simple and is made easier with the user guide, it is quite long.


You now have your facts. Which device wins the Ring Chime vs Chime Pro showdown? That ultimately depends on what you want from your smart doorbell.

If affordability is all that matters to you, then the Ring Chime might be perfect for you. It keeps things simple and it's very easy to install. But if you are looking for a device that helps you do more and prioritizes your convenience, then the Chime Pro might be more ideal for you!

Do you want to know more about devices you should add to your smart home? Check out some of our top picks here!

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